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The Top 5 Dead or Alive according to Bow Wow!

Bow Wow has been doing this rap stuff since he was a mere babe of 5

years old under “Uncle” Snoop Dogg. Since then, he’s grown up into a

major megastar that has endured for several “rap generations.”

But who were his influences to help his make it to his current

position as an artist on Cash Money Records? His choices may shock

fans and haters alike.

Look no farther than Bow Wow’s Top 5 Dead or Alive.

The Notorious B.I. G

“When you mention Hip-Hop you think of Big. For a guy to have only

two albums and be put at the place he is should only be looked at as

amazing. He is undeniable, especially as a lyricist.”

Big L

“He’s just a dope lyricist. He is someone that I have just always

respected as an MC. He’s someone I feel gets looked over or

overshadowed. He is one of New York’s finest.”

LL Cool J

“He is my idol. Just period. I see a lot of similarities between his

career and my career. We both have a strong female fan base. He’s

still here. I’m still here. He does movies. I do movies. He got

ridiculed a lot for doing girl records but then he came hard when he

dropped “I’m Bad.” I feel like “Fresh Azimiz” is my “I’m Bad.”


What a lot of people don’t understand is I grew up in HipHop. I feel

like I’m the son or the baby brother of HipHop. I feel like that

because I got into the game so early. I was young and around Death

Row. People talk about Tupac…I was around Pac back in the day. When

he was doing the Me Against the World album I actually witnessed him

in the booth. I like him for his realness. You can feel his passion

in the music. He was motivated and he truly cared about the world.”

Special Ed

“He’s always been one of my favorites because of his lyrical ability

and the way he put words together. I redid his “I Got It Made” for a

mixtape. I have always had a female fan base so I like him because he

had that but was still respected as a lyricist. He gained respect but

was also a dope lyricist.”