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It's cold in the D. Lebron and the 'bronettes are taking the not-so-bad boys to the woodshed. GM and Chrysler are facing evolution or extinction, and the job situation is not the best. On the Hip-Hop side of things, Detroit has a no fly zone, courtesy of Trick Trick which has foreign rappers tucking their jewels. In addition Eminem, the former sure shot 8 mile megastar, has been shooting blanks as of late.In the midst of the coldest winter ever, momma Yancy's younger son stands to stake his claim in the Hip-Hop game. Known more for spitting than spinning. Illa J prepares to put the world on notice that Detroit is more than just a slum village. We interrupted his regularly scheduled travels to ask him his top 5 dead or alive emcees. Straight with no chaser.


of the great things about different songwriters and writers is rhythm. Rhythm

plays a big part in bringing emotion to a song and really getting people in to

a song. He definitely had a really good understanding of rhythm because of how

he places his lyrics in different pockets of the beat and how he would use words and lay his words

to bring that extra feeling to it and you really felt what he was saying and he

really painted a picture


a lot of people even people that’s on Common now, they know Common out now but people

don’t know Common been in the game for a minute and don’t get it twisted, Common

will rip you on the mic. Common got mad skills. He’s super funky with it and definitely

one of the top mcs.


Because he can switch it up in so many different ways. He can rap on a slow

track; He can rap on a really fast track. He’s really good with switching up

his styles. Just the energy. As soon as the track comes on, he has automatic

presence. Like in music, some people can sing and some people can’t sing. But

at the end of the day sometimes even that person that can sing, they may not be

able to sing as good as the next person but they have that “it” factor. Not to

bring singing into the emcee factor but Busta he got that presence as soon as

he raps on a track.



I know a few people will probably have problems with this but one of my

favorite emcees was actually my brother, J DIlla. A lot of people always look

at him first as a producer, but to me he was a really ill emcee. One of my

favorite things about his emceeing was that he was so for real. He just said

whatever was on his mind and he didn’t really care if people liked it or not. Like, “this is how I do it, and that’s it.”

You just gonna like it or not. That’s where I got the rawness o f my writing a

little bit and how my brother would tell me you could say whatever you want to

say, it’s all how you deliver it.

Eminem-Last part of my list I want to give that up to Eminem.

It’s hard to explain, he’s just on a whole ‘nother planet with that emcee thing. He’s definitely one of my favorite emcees of all-time. Rhythmically, lyrically ,

voice-wise, presence on a record, he’s definitely on his own level in the

emceeing department fa’ sho’.

Side Bar:When he's not top fiving it or working on albums, Illa J pursues other interests. “Right now I’m working on a secret project that I can’t really get into yet but I can tell you that involves me singing.”

Illa J also studies music theory and teaches himself how to play instruments (piano, bass guitar, etc)

Outside of music - “I’m really into action movies. After watching them,

I get inspired and head into the studio to do a track. Bruce Lee

movies are my favorite.”