TOP 5 DEAD OR ALIVE: Lupe Fiasco

AllHipHip caught up with the Lupe Fiasco and talked him about his

present activities, including his upcoming project Lasers. But, in the

midst of the interview, it was essential to get Lupe's Top 5 Dead or

Alive, since he's one of the flag wavers for Hip-Hop's Future. But,

Lupe breaks protocol and ventures outside of emcees. Check out his list

and then watch the video.


Bob Marley

Joe StrummerNote: Joe Strummer, was the lead singer, rhythm guitarist and

co-founder of the legendary British punk rock band The Clash. He died

in 2002 from a heart defect. 


Stack Bundles

Note: Lupe recorded with Stack Bundles, at one point signed him to his

1st & 15th imprint and ultimately considered him family up until

his untimely death.


In the full interview, Lupe lets AHH know that he's not retiring, who is on the album, and the advice for the upcoming artist.

Full interview:

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