AllHipHop Staff

Master P is a pioneer of the rap game-period.

His business acumen and his No Limit movement will forever ring in the annals of Hip-Hop History. But, when it comes down to his Top 5 Dead or Alive rappers, Master P is pretty precise even if he has to add a couple rappers past five to the end of his list.

Finally, we managed to ask P, known know as Percy Miller, where he places himself on the list. His answer will likely surprise you!

Master P’s Top 5 Dead or Alive Who makes your Top 5 emcees of all time?

Master P:

Tupac: He was the greatest of all time. He was the one that came from the streets that was able to reach a whole different culture.

Run-D.M.C.: For what they did.

Eminem: To be able to break into an African-American game, I would have to take my hat off to him for that.

Biggie: For what he brought to the game. This was more of an image-driven business and his ability to conquer a fan base was incredible.

And Jay-Z. That's a good 5.

Master P: Wait, I also left out Rakim and Scarface. That's my Top 7.

THE SIDEBAR Where do you think you fall on that list?

Master P: I think I've changed the game. I taught the game how to hustle so I think I probably would make the Top 10 or 20 for my hustling skills. I don't really try to be the best rapper in the game but I use my talent to be able to dominate a market like nobody else did. I also brought the independence to the game. That alone puts me on the list.