TOP 5 DEAD OR ALIVE: Trick Daddy

Welcome to another addition of’s Top 5 Dead or Alive. This time around we are riding out with a rapper who has hit us with commercial and street hits, teaching everyone how to be a true thug, yes that would be Miami’s own Trick Daddy.

Stepping into the rap game over a decade ago, Trick Daddy has seen many-a-rapper come and go and and watched his Miami hood flourish. It has been a ride. From riding high with "Nann N***a," to run in’s with the law, to battling Lupus, to parting ways with Slip-N-Slide Records, Trick Daddy is still hard at work.

Recently, Trick Daddy released his eight studio album Finally Famous: Born A Thug, Still A Thug via his new venture Dunk Ryder Records. These days, Trick Daddy is putting the finishing touches on his book titled "Magic City: Trials Of A Native Son" scheduled to be released in 2010.

Now is the time to see who Trick salutes on his list, so with out further delay, we give you Trick Daddy's Top 5 Dead Or Alive.


"That’s my man! Somebody that's been through a whole lot. Been through a been East Coast vs. West Coast, dealt with movies, dealt with drama, women, and also expressing good from his heart."


"That n***a is so believable because we r so much alike. We've both seen and over came hard times. I respect his music because it reflects the pain and the struggles of life."

Notorious B.I.G

"For what Biggie did for Hip-Hop, he took New York to a whole other level. A lot of people thought that he was a lyricist, but I think that he was a poetic genius. If you're more of a real Biggie fan then you would agree with me on that."


"Scarface was the n***a that reminded me of when I was a little boy. From watching his stories and seeing his videos, you could always envision everything he was saying and he was always believable. That’s different than a lot of fairytale rappers."

Too Short

"First of all I like Short Dog. He's someone I grew up on and I understand the Bay area in California. The Bay Area, Southern California is so much like Florida. We grew in a similar area. I respect, love his music, and everything he stood for. He never changed or tried to be different or nothing like that."