TOP 5 DEAD OR ALIVE: Waka Flocka

You know you couldn't wait. The topic of lyrics has been resurrected as a hot spot in Hip-Hop and Waka Flocka has been at the center of the debate. So, his top rappers are certain to garner some controversy and dialogue, especially since most have no resemblance to his style. But, that's not important as Waka Flocka outlines who he admires and why. Peep, Waka Flocka's Top 5 Dead or Alive.

The Top 5 Honorees.

AND... AllHipHop has a series called “Top 5 Dead or Alive,” where we ask artists to give their top 5 artists and why. Can you give your top 5 rappers? Waka Flocka: Yeah I got a Top 6.  Top 6? Alright, lets hear it.

Waka Flocka:Yeah I like Nas, I like Jay-Z, I like Eazy-E, I like Gucci. Okay. Waka Flocka: I like Pac, I like Big. I like a lot of people. I’m into them folk, them folk hard.  I have to ask you about Eazy-E, that’s the first time he’s popped up on the list even though he’s a legend.

Waka Flocka: Eazy’s a gangster. That’s all I’m into, drug dealers and basketball. That’s all I looked up too, to tell you the truth, so homie was it.  Okay. Waka Flocka: I like Jay-Z because he’s rich. He knew what he wanted. Nas, can’t nobody f**k with Nas. He’s the best rapper, personally. I like Tupac because I was f**ked up as a kid, going through a struggle. I like B.I.G. because homie was a stupid player. And Gucci, I can relate to him because I’m from the South. So that’s why I like them folk.