TOP 5 DEAD OR ALIVE: Yelawolf (Rap & Rock)

Yelawolf really doesn’t want to go pop the trunk. He just wants his latest Trunk Muzik mixtape to bump in yours. And from his opening performances on Wiz Khalifa's "Deal or No Deal" tour, the Alabama new comer truly offers a different sound to the game, so much so that one may find pin-pointing his influences a difficult task. But, suspend your preconceptions about the long hair, tattoos and skateboarding fetish and check this one out. AllHipHop sat down with Yelawolf to share his Top 5 Dead or Alive Hip-Hop artists…and Rock-N-Roll acts as well. And when you can, check out his Rock tribute mixtape Stereo. It's only right that Yelawolf shared both sides of his favorites.


“When I was listening to a lot of underground artists from the east and west coast, they came from the south with something refreshing lyrically. That really spoke to me.”

The Notorious B.I.G. & Tupac

”Speaking of artists dead or alive, you can't really go without speaking of Biggie and Pac. They both made an impact on history.”

Pimp C

”One of my other favorite rappers - rest in peace - is Pimp C. I must have listened to "A Pocket Full of Stones" like a million times when it first came out. Just good music.”

Snoop Dogg

”His longevity is so inspiring and he's been so consistent for so many years. He's been classic time and timeless. He's definitely a rapper I inspire to be career wise. He has made timeless music for decades.”

And now for the REMIX!


Robert Plant (of Led Zeppelin)

”Voice of the universe. He's incredible to me. Lyrics, melody, presence... just an all around rock star. “

Jim Morrison

”Poems. His poetry [showed] how deep he was as a person and a performer. He just lost himself in his music and I admired that.”

Kurt Cobain

”The most brilliant writer and performer. His voice was phenomenal.”

Dave Grohl

”David Grow is all around talented. From drummer with Nirvanna to drumming with countless amount of bands - and his performing and writing. I went to a Foo Fighter show in an arena in Florida and I was blown away.”

Jimi Henderix

”Just because he was a straight blessing of an alien from some other place playing his guitar upside down. His tone will never be matched. The way he can take over arenas of people with two notes... he was just phenomenal.”