Top 5 Hip Hop Dance Songs


Top 5 dance songs that have shaken up the planet in the last few years.

We wanted to discover the popular hip hop dance songs and came up with the top 5 dance trends that shake up the planet. Each of our big five has a story behind.

You can hear them on the radio, on the parties, and, undeniably, on the dance competitions. Probably, none of our readers will ever fully agree with our choice since the newest rap dance songs took the floor. Still, let’s see one of the rankings that will not leave you indifferent.

1. Childish Gambino - This Is America (2018)

Watch the music video here:

About the song: Political essay that celebrates life and calls out injustice. Apart from the perfect beat and rare African ethnic motives, “This is America” drew the audience’s attention with the controversial lyrics referring to the issues of gun control and diversity.

The video became a YouTube trend right after it was released. Epic ethnic dance makes a bizarre and awkward effect of... unity. Prepare to experience a plethora of emotions.

By the way, raise your hand if you have heard about Childish Gambino before the scandalous video was released a year ago. In fact, David Glover used to play in movies and TV series.

Trying to remember his latest works? Google “Atlanta” and guarantee yourself a few amazing weeks watching the free show.

Awards: Grammy “Record of the Year”

2. Drake - God’s Plan (2018)

Watch the music video here:

About the song: “The budget for this video was $996,631.90. We gave it all away. Don’t tell the label…”

Sound familiar, right? Working on the “God’s Plan” brought Drake another wave of recognition (more than 1 bln views on YouTube and dozens of nominations).

No wonder, but what is special here apart from the rapper handing out one million dollars to random people?

“God’s plan” is a chill rap song easy to dance to. Take a moment to go through the lyrics - untypically kind and compassionate writing as for Drake. He is singing about his family and friends, telling a few funny stories and childhood memories. No aggression, anxiety, or stress.

The song could be even compared to a hip hop prayer. As a hymn for all the people suffering from their daily issues, the song encourages us to deal with the “bad things”.

The positive vibe Drake is sending in this track is a rare thing for popular hip hop dance music.

The video combination of a few life essays went viral. Drake paid for everybody’s groceries at the local store, signed a check for a few student scholarships, hugged with some of his passionate fans (disabled people and families with kids), bought a toy for every child in the orphanage, and, finally, gave a huge concert on the roof of a student center.

Well, you did read a few spoilers, but we bet you’ll still cry when watching “God’s plan”.

All the people there are genuine, stories are touching, music samples are unique, and Drake… And Drake is awesome, as always!

Awards: Billboard Hot 100 #149, BET “Video of the Year”, Grammy “Best Rap Song”

3. M.I.A. - Bad Girls (2013)

Watch the music video here:

M.I.A. is a dominant representative of female newest rap dance music. Her lyrics empower, her looks inspire, her videos demonstrate how women enjoy their lives facing no masculine pressure.

The feminist mood of the music video “Bad Girls” was inspired by the controversial Arab policies, like the ones not allowing women to drive cars. This is how “Bad Girls” became a hymn of the “Women to Ride” movement. Unofficial, for sure.

The video shot in Morocco reveals M.I.A. concept of empowering the women limited in their rights. She shows that they can gracefully dance, ride a car professionally, and throw stunning parties - everything that is actually restricted in some Middle East countries.

You can certainly hear some rhythms coming from the Middle East.

"Live fast die young bad girls do it well” sound a bit absurd with the following unrealistic scenes of free Arab women doing whatever they want. M.I.A. obviously didn’t get the essay phrase from impressive online essay samples. However, such combinations always make history as well as the catchy music sample

However, such combinations always make history as well as the catchy music samples.

Awards: MTV Video Music Awards "Best Direction" & "Best Cinematography"

4. Black Eyed Peas - Mas Que Nada (2008)

Listen to it here:

About the song: The XXI century presented an exclusive opportunity to mix any classic music style with a catchy beat. This was a success recipe for Black Eyed Peas, which used a popular bossa nova track “Mas Que Nada”.

Together with Sergio Mendes, they added some hip hop spice to the original version released back in 1963. Indeed, why would you write a new song if remastering one will bring you the top chart positions?

“Mas Que Nada” got the absolute leadership of the US, European, and South American music charts.

An interesting fact about the song: from Portuguese, we should translate the name of the song like “oh, come on” or rather sarcastic “yeah, really”.

However, most people stick to “more than nothing” from Spanish, not even having a clue what the Brazilian (and obviously Portuguese-speaking) author meant.

5. Rihanna feat. SZA - Consideration (2016)

Watch the music video here:

About the song: Rihanna is the queen of American R'n'B. The song “Consideration” got to the multiple charts, not because of the lyrics, sense, or innovative music solutions, but the beat only.

The point was to remind everybody what is dubstep in 2016 and combine these rhythms with some rather sophisticated drums that were previously used just in the pop songs.

Amazing duet contributed to the dynamic vibe we feel from the first seconds. Female rap will always sound exotic, thus inviting SZA to join was a reasonable move.

The music video makes us think Rihanna is looking for freedom and harmony in her own head. At the same time, she doesn’t look rebellious. Instead, we may think that she is overcoming some inner challenges to calm down a girl in the crown (herself in childhood).

Believe or not, selecting these top 5 songs was quite challenging. At the same time, we proved that dancing and writing at the same time is possible. Turn on your favorite hip hop song and let your body do the rest!

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Great list! I dance to all of these in my house.


That Rihanna song isn't a dance song...I mean at all.