ToshaMakia: Make It Happen

Multi-tasking is in ToshaMakia's nature. A model, singer and radio personality, the Boricua beauty from Connecticut was recently voted "One of the 50 Sexiest Latin Singles in New York." She got her start in radio on Philadelphia's 100.3 The Beat. In her musical career, she has opened shows for the likes of Angie Martinez and Nas. Her new single "Did It Again" has been receiving some respectable radio airplay.

It's hard to imagine her ever stopping to take a break in her busy schedule, but we were able to catch up with ToshaMakia to discuss her new single and her secrets to keeping the momentum. Alternatives: You were voted as one of the "Sexiest Latin Singles in New York." How did you feel about receiving the award?

ToshaMakia: I wanted to take everything to the next level. My manager Zenobia helped me out. I was excited. They had 24 guys and girls at the photo shoot. They broke us up into different categories. Some of us were singers, others did radio or were models. Everyone was Latin and it was fun.

AHHA: Your debut single "Be Yourself" came out a while ago. What's up with your most recent release "Did It Again"?

ToshaMakia: "Be Yourself", was my first independent single to get dropped nationally. It came out two years ago. "Did It Again" is very personal and comes from my perspective. It's about a guy and a girl - she's down for him, but he gets caught cheating in the act. The song describes how it all goes down. It's the fist ballad that I've ever done.

AHHA: So who's more prone to cheating, men or women?

ToshaMakia: It goes both ways. No one is innocent.

AHHA: You're originally from Connecticut, but now you're a radio personality in Philly. Along with your modeling and singing, how do you manage to multi-task so well with out going crazy?

ToshaMakia: With all of the work, it sometimes gets hard to get back to Connecticut. I gotta stay away from the cheesesteaks, but I'm loving it. I get a little lonely, but it's all-good. I go back to Connecticut once a month. My family is really supportive of me - my brothers are very protective. When my pictures in The Source came out, they were like, "Don't look at the ass," to their friends.

AHHA: Hmm…Will we be seeing you in anything revealing?

ToshaMakia: With me, I'll show a little something, but not too much. You have to leave something to the imagination.

AHHA: Are there any other magazines that you would like to model for?

ToshaMakia: I would love to work with King, Maxim or FHM. I'm known for wearing Baby Phat, so that's definitely a must.

AHHA: Right now you're independent. How has that helped you in your career and what kind of record deal are you looking for?

ToshaMakia: I'm definitely looking to work on a label that gives me freedom. I'd like to be on Columbia or Jive. I've been grinding, doing shows in front of a crowd of 26-30,000 people. My team and I have been doing this for four years. We've been together through the good times and the bad. I'm ready - I'm not just going to settle for anything. Being an independent artist has helped me see my strengths. I love music - I have music notes tattooed all over my body. God put me here to do something major, I just have to be patient sometimes - when we want it all at once, it can be too much. Things have begun to pick up. I'm having fun

AHHA: With your busy schedule do you ever get a minute to yourself?

ToshaMakia: It's a lonely business. Every night after midnight is when I get personal time. I'm nocturnal, so I'm still always busy. I maybe get one day off a month, but I'm always willing to take on a new challenge. I'm around a lot of artists, so I stay grounded on one level.

AHHA: Is there a title for the new album?

ToshaMakia: Not as of yet. I'm still doing some writing, but I'm excited. People should watch out for the girl from Connecticut.

AHHA: Has music always been a strong influence in your life?

ToshaMakia: I started singing when I was young. My dad had a band and practiced in our basement. There were rocky times, but music always held us together. My mom used to play a lot of Al Green and Anita Baker. When I started getting serious about singing, some people would say that I should just graduate from school, but you have to believe in yourself.

AHHA: Although still young in your music career, you've opened for big names like Nas, LL Cool J, and Angie Martinez. What have you learned about the industry so far?

ToshaMakia: I've especially learned a lot from Angie. She's Latina, so it's great to see someone of the same origin doing it big. I've learned that not everyone that you meet is your buddy, especially in this business. Working in this industry is just like hustling on the streets. It's no different from being on the block. If I've learned two things, it's to be cautious and demure. Regardless I would do it all over again.

AHHA: How has growing up in Connecticut helped you in your career and what kinds of projects are you looking to take on in the future?

ToshaMakia: I'd like to get more campaign ads. I'm open to a lot of things. I would never have thought that any of this would have ever happened. Right now I'm recording and taking radio serious. I have a little girl and I'm very proud of her. I want her to be a success and not need a man to depend on. I'm trying to be a role model. I used to be a mommy's girl, but now I'm tougher. Sometimes you have to stop recording and wait ‘til you have the money to make the next move - you recycle your money. I would love to have my own label.

There's a lot of talent in Connecticut, so I would definitely have to put my people on. I have to give back. Bridgeport is hard - you see people always trying to climb the walls of success, but slip. If I can make it happen, then I'll do it. You have to keep doing what you have to do. I have to believe in me - it'll all be worth it in the end. My philosophy is, "Don't make it hard, make it happen."