Trey Songz, The Next Marvin Gaye?

R&B heartthrob Trey Songz is featured in the new issue of GQ magazine, which is on newsstands now.

In the feature, titled "Trey Songz Gets It On,” the singer discusses his upcoming album Chapter V, as well as his approach to singing and songwriting.

Trey said he was aiming to replicate the success of soul legend Marvin Gaye.

"I could make a hundred ‘Bottoms Up’s,' but they won’t change nobody’s life," Trey told GQ. "Marvin Gaye sang love songs to a certain point, and then it was like ‘F*ck this, I’m not clean-cut no more. I’m putting this skully on… I’m doing whatever the f*ck I wanna do.”

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