Trina: Still Da Baddest

With her competition either behind bars, hacked up from excessive plastic surgery, or a hating one hit wonder, it isn’t a surprise that perhaps Trina is the last of a dying breed. Finding a female MC with a decent flow and lyrics is slim to none these days, and Miss Miami makes a decent attempt to work with what she’s got.

However, her newest disc lacks any true substance and fails to go beyond her sexually aggressive commentary. Trina’s fiery southern flow alongside guest appearances from Missy, Keyshia Cole, and Rick Ross help bring forth some creative synergy. Yet, Still Da Baddest (Slip-N-Slide) doesn’t compare her best work, the 2000 debut Da Baddest B***h.

The album begins with an intro describing what it takes to be ‘the baddest b***h alive’; a super flat stomach, hips, and a big a**. Which leads into a tough declaration of how Trina is back and she’s taking no prisoners on “Still Da Baddest." Here, she stomps on all the haters and makes it known that “Ya’ll gon’ learn to respect the queen,” and explains how throughout the remainder of the album.

Yet, Still Da Baddest isn’t overly up-beat, she slows down with songs like “I Got A Thang For You," “Wish I Never Met You," and “Phone Sexx.” “Phone Sexx” proves to be one of the album’s standout tracks, with a cameo from newcomer and fellow Floridian Qwote. Trina manages to approach the topic of sex in a manner that comes off as truly sexy and feminine.

Production wise, “Hot Commodity” featuring Rick Ross is one of the strongest. It has a classic beat that softens Trina’s flow and emphasizes the two’s chemistry. Overall this Scott Storch production isn’t terrible, just typical.

The problem with Trina is that she’s covered all the sex, money, and ‘f**k these h**s’ since her introduction, and hasn’t really succeeded outside that raunchy comfort zone. It’s good to see a female who’s not afraid to tackle the same subjects as men, but after three albums a change would certainly boost her artistic merit.

If it wasn’t for “I Got A Thang For You," we wouldn’t know the Diamond Princess had a softer side. Perhaps Trina needs a new goal, like something other than being known as just the baddest b***h.

Trina Featuring Keyshia Cole

"I Got A Thang For You"


"Still Da Baddest"