Triple C’s: We Are The Streets

Love it or hate it...Triple C’s have no intentions of slowing their grind until they touch every corner of the streets. 

AllHipHop caught up with a Ross-less Triple C’s at a recent stop in Houston at Texas Southern University in the midst of hundreds of college students. The students bobbed approvingly to the vibes from their album Custom Cars and Cycles.

With street-hop pumping, Gunplay, Torch, and Young Breed chatted about their vision of thug. You guys have big names like Young Jeezy, The Game, Bun B, Gucci Mane, Mac 10, Warren G, and Yo Gotti.

Gunplay: We deal with people who deal with the streets. These are artists that are really fresh out of the streets. 

Young Breed:Triple C’s collaborates with artists that control their markets, who have stepped up and earned their places in both the streets and the music business. What did West Coast rappers like The Game, legends like Warren G and Mac 10 bring to the album? 

Gunplay: They brought a special Cali’ feel to the tracks. It was cool to spit with cats who really know the streets. Shout out to Nickerson Gardens.

Torch: “Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are.” We’re real and the people we collaborate with are as well. There are those who insist that Hip-Hop is dead, and that there aren’t enough hood rappers who are really from the hood. Where does Triple C’s music fit in on the rap/street scene right now? 

Torch: We are the streets. 

Gunplay: We are. We dominate in every street market we’re thrown into, because we’re the truth, we’re real. It’s harder to get commercialized, but we just have to make everybody else follow us instead of us following what everybody else is doing. 

"There isn’t a Hollywood bone

in our bodies. We make real music, because it’s real life for us, we’ve really been through it, we’ve survived it. 

Triple C’s holds promise for the future of rap music."-Gunplay Who or what are the inspirations for your flows and your music? 

Young Breed: I’m from the South, better yet I’m from Miami. I remember the days of heavy bass ridin to JT Money. I’ve also been heavily inspired by Rick Ross, and when groups were hot, I rode wit Field Mob and MJG.

Gunplay: What’s good, Miami? I have to rep for Trick Daddy Dolla and JT Money. UGK, may Pimp C rest in peace. There’s of course Jay-Z, Nas, and ODB. ODB is the one who gave me my ‘I don’t give a f**k swag. You can call me YDB, young dirty bastard. 

Torch: I’m from New York so I draw a lot of my grind and hustle in the business from late rapper Big Pun. This was somebody we knew from the block who made it to success. One day in the Bronx, one day on TV. He showed it was really possible to get out of the hood and do something to better yourself and your career. What is the message you are trying to get across in your music? 

Young Breed: We’re normal people too. Fight for your dreams, anything is possible with hard work and dedication. Look at us, we’ve come from the streets, and we’re representing that. 

Gunplay: There isn’t a

Hollywood bone in our bodies. We make real music, because it’s real

life for us, we’ve really been through it, we’ve survived it. 

Triple C’s holds promise for the future of rap music. There are still

hustlers out there that are willing to sacrifice benefits like Pepsi

commercials, in order to pump real music from the streets back into the

streets. The members of Triple C’s all brought a positive energy to the

stage at Texas Southern University. supports the street

artists in making their name regular in the mouths of music lovers and

the ears of their supporting listeners. Keep your mind on Triple C’s,

they’ll be around a while, bringing the real streets over trill beats.