Twista: Adrenaline Rush 2007

Coming back for the first time is no easy task. So with Twista’s latest release Adrenaline Rush 2007 (Atlantic) holding the same name as its predecessor 10-years the senior, expectations are high. This nouveau rush finds Twista further away from his radio friendly previous releases, which was technically a deviation from the style that he first gained notoriety for. Instead he’s back to basics. Trading in silky hooks for grimy beats and edgier lyrics. Producers Cuzo and Toxic take over the bulk of the credits, providing the right amount of grit for Twista’s swift flow. While a few other usual suspects, Jazzy Pha, and The Neptunes add their ingredients to the recipe.The line between the differences in production is obviously clear on the stand-out track “The Come Up” a dirty South wolf of a beat dressed in a sheep’s Midwest clothing. Twista trades in his patented fast delivery for the slow-motion version. “I’m a killa’ man standing on this corner hustling for my dinner man”. His rhyme scheme is always perfect down to every second. Following this theme, on “I Aint that Ni**a” he elevates his game a few notches with a continuance of disenchanted seriousness to let you know that you might not want to cross him.However, still trying his hand at easily digested crossover appeal “Give It Up” is a Neptunes archetype track with Pharell thrown in for good measure. “That girl wanna’ give it up. Black girls wanna’ give it up. White girls wanna give it up.” You get the picture. Just throw in the heat of an 808 and the energy of a late night trip to the club and response is sure to be a contagious one. Capturing the platinum status of 2004’s Kamikaze isn’t as important this go around, as making a concrete album. That's not to say that the success level won’t be as high, it’s refreshing to hear that too much hasn’t changed. As each track glides into the next the solidity is undeniable. Typically on a ride like this a few road blocks are inevitable. “Love Rehab” throws salt in Adrenaline Rush 2007’s game and should be reserved for a feature performance on a future R. Kelly album. Then there’s the hook man of the moment, T-Pain. Known for his club friendly joints, “Creep Fast” is no exception. Though not as high on the list of certifiable T-Pain hits, having him on the album is a pre-requisite these days so kudos are in order. The harsh but true musical reality is that you either have to have street credibility or pop appeal. Very few know how to navigate those lanes and experience the best of both worlds. Adrenaline Rush 2007 is somewhat of a battle for Twista which results in a few out of place tracks. Despite this, rather than saturating the record with candied R&B singers and contrived subject matter, choosing to stick with his classic style was a smarter move. SOUNDCHECK:Twista “The Come Up”

Twista f/ Pharrell “Give It Up”