Tyga: No Introduction

The nineteen year old Compton native brings a Reggae like flow and a rock star attitude to the game of Hip-Hop on his debut No Introduction (Decaydance Records). But who in the world is Tyga? Relative of Travis McCoy from Gym Class Heroes and friend of Weezy himself, Tyga’s debut record is filled with mostly good time anthems.

Tyga sounds eerily like Sean Kingston; with better flow of course. That combined with his Pharrell like style and love for meshing musical genres, No Introduction displays his stylized diversity.

On "Don’t Regret It Now," Tyga hooks up with Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy. Tyga's quick lip rhymes combined with Stump's signature soft rock vocals creates an amazing rock-hop sound.

The lead single "Coconut Juice" garners Tyga popularity off a party jam, and tracks like "Summertime" and "AIM," an electronica like song about the typical teenage internet relationship with buddy list drama and MySpace affairs, has Tyga relating directly to his age group.

Tyga is the epitome of a teenage guy who loves girls, flashy swag, and popularity; often leaving little room for solid lyricism. On "Supersize Me," he misses the mark with lines like: "Jet lag Louis Vuitton bag / Under the eyes see they don't recognize me / So are you following me? / ‘Cause I say puff like the marshmallow man." Additionally tracks like “Press 7” and “Woww” which are watered down by weak production, fail to make any lasting impressions.

Where Tyga's career will take him next isn’t clear, but for now he's securing his spot in the teenage realm. No Introduction is a small glimpse into Tyga's world -- he's raps about only what he knows and doesn't try to be anything more than who he is.

Tyga Featuring Travis McCoy

"Coconut Juice"




AIM (Beazy Baby) - Tyga