Tyra B: Head Rush

Every year, the media as well as the public are bombarded with images and propaganda from record labels claiming that their artists are the next big thing. In most cases these "big things" come and go without realizing the potential that we were told they have. However, every year there is also an artist that speeds past the hype and establishes themselves as a genuine talent. Enter Tyra B.We were first briefly introduced to her in 2005 when her singles "Country Boy" and "Still in Love" cracked the R&B charts. Then as quickly as she appeared she disappeared. Fast forward to 2008. This Virginia bred songstress re-emerged with a hot new single, "Givin' Me A Rush," from her upcoming Warner Bros debut. Many in the music industry have described her as "the female Usher." How does she describe herself? You will have to stay tuned to find out...AllHipHop.com Alternatives: Many people have compared you to a lot of different people. Who would you compare yourself to?Tyra B: I think I would compare myself to my idols. I think I’m the female Usher or the female Justin Timberlake. It's funny because I never really know what to say when I’m asked that, because in my mind I don’t really compare myself to anyone. I just kind of do me. Then whatever comes out of it comes out of it. If I remind you of somebody, that’s great...if they are a good artist!AHHA: When did you first decide that you wanted to be an entertainer?Tyra B: I was ten years old, and I wrote my first song. I just kept writing. Then I took it to my parents and said, "I want to take these songs and start a group." And we did that. It was myself, my sister, and my cousin. My parents were my managers. We just started rehearsing. We got two keyboard players, and from there we just started doing talent shows and things like that. And from that point I just couldn’t stop. There was nothing else I wanted to do. So I just took myself seriously from ten years old until now.AHHA: Personally and musically who is Tyra B today?Tyra B: Tyra is a hardworker. She’s ambitious, she’s determined. Outside of that I have no idea, I’m just me.AHHA: Do you think you’ve changed in any way in pursuit of your musical dreams?Tyra B: Well, my grind is still the same. I still work just as hard as I ever did. I’ve obviously grown up - I’m 22 now. I’m just more aware of things in the industry and about myself. I’ve just grown as a person and as an artist.AHHA: What is an average day for you like these days?Tyra B: Right now, I’m at home in VA just chilling. But the average work day includes me preparing for whatever I have to do. I wake up at about 6AM each morning, then I’ll usually go work out with my trainer for about an hour and half. After that I’ll come home, rest for a minute, then go straight to dance rehearsals for about five hours. Then I got to eat somewhere. After that I might have a show or I might have to go to the studio. Then I get up the next day and do it all over again.AHHA: In 10-15 years if someone were to ask who is Tyra B, what would you hope the answer would be then?Tyra B: I hope I’m still everything I am now. I hope I continue to grow in music. I think I’ll always be in entertainment. Whether its as a performer or writing. I don’t plan on being on stage for the rest of my life. I love performing, but there are other things I want to explore. I love writing songs and I want to write for other artists. I actually want to open up a sports bar too 'cause I love sports.AHHA: What sports do you like in particular?Tyra B: I like football and I like basketball.AHHA: So what team are you rooting for in the Superbowl?Tyra B: You know the Patriots got it all the way..AHHA: I’m riding with the Giants all the way. I think the Giants are going to dethrone the patriots!Tyra B: The Giants? What are you serious? Ok….Well good luck with that![little did she know...]Check out Tyra B's video for "Givin' Me a Rush"