Tyrese Inspires But Things Are Still Crazy

It's ya man Tyrese...

At your request I wanted to send some more "Love" and a few new things to "Consider."

I used to write these inspirational messages all the time and decided to go easy cause just maybe what I write is waaay too positive for some. Let me go ahead and apologize to you in advance. I don't have any rumors, drama, or any kind of Hollywood or music inside scoop. I'm not trying to sell you anything, nor is this an invite to a party. It's a message that has REALLY changed my life that I wanted to share it with you.. So stay with me I'm going somewhere..

I want you to really sit on this for a second..

My approach to life has been... "I SEE the invisible, I HEAR in silence, I CLIMB invisible stairs, it's called having faith in God with no points of reference."

What is it with people that come up with these 5 or 10 year plans?

My mentor John Bryant once said to me, "If you wanna make God LAUGH tell HIM YOUR plan" (This is not to discourage anyone from creating goals). But consider this... if I had thought for 1 second when I was 16 years old that from getting on a bus to sing abut Coca Cola in a 30 second commercial (smile) it would have led to over 15 years of show business, and all the MANY amazing things that I've done, been exposed to and powerful people I've met and worked with, no one in the WORLD could have told me ANY of this was gonna happen.. My faith in God with NO point of reference ORDERED my steps and his blessings were REVEALED to me along the way.

People are starting to get lazy with their relationship with God.. Of course I believe in PRAYER, etc., etc., etc... But I also believe that after you're done PRAYING (and "Begging while

Praying" for some folks out there) you have to get up off of your knees and get out there and EXECUTE.. Michael Jordan said it best.. "You can't get POINTS TODAY for YESTERDAYS game" This has been my approach to my success.. I'm not the wealthiest guy in your inbox, nor am I the biggest star in the world.. But my grind is that of a man who has yet to accomplish ANYTHING..

I better wrap this up right?.. I'm getting long winded.. Ok.. ok.. Here we go.!

If this post finds you laying in bed... Ask yourself... Did you REALLY maximize your day with EVERY possible thing you could have done to move your life FORWARD??? Are there more calls you COULD have made to get things in motion?

Consider that because you may have more money than ALL your friends and family you've gotten LAZY and don't really feel like you have to work AS hard as you did when you first got it poppin!!! But, do you REALLY think you made it?? Are you REALLY done?? Do you really believe "Prayers without Execution" is gonna lead to ANY of your plans or goals coming to life??

When you get this message, know this it was no accident that you made it to the bottom of this post. This is AMERICA, people are literally putting their LIVES on the line to be in this great country of ours and for you to be so damn LAZY and NOT trying to take advantage of these blessings that are right in front of you, is just NOT IT..!! I believe that "Every blessing taken for granted becomes a curse." Stop going to parties and shit for photo ops, shaking hands and going home with NOTHING. Have a plan. Find out who's gonna be at these events and DECIDE what you're gonna talk to them about.. MAXIMIZE, EXECUTE, MAXIMIZE...

Listen, I have waaay more to say on this topic but I will end it here.. You know who you are...

Think for one-second, how is it that YOU know the amount of people you know, if you wasn't supposed to figure out SOMETHING that you can do to SHIFT this world.

Will Smith once said something to the affect of.. "Ideas are physical, if they stay in your MIND, you're robbing the world of experiencing them."

Nothing but love. I say this with all my heart. I wish nothing but success over your life. I pray that God's blessings rain FAVOR over you and your family. And as you receive this e-mail I hope that little negative voice or the spirit of "Self Sabotage and Self Defeat" doesn't

step in to try and TALK you out of changing the world..

My last and final 2 quotes..

"Geniuses must never die, the PROGRESS of MANKIND depends on us"

-Salvador Dali-

"You can NEVER take a break from GREATNESS" -Quincy Jones-

God Bless you..

Tyrese Gibson

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