UGK: UGK 4 Life (Album Review)

AllHipHop Staff

When Pimp C passed, Hip-Hop lost a legend. In the sort of irony that is only displayed in art, it happened the same day of the year Hip-Hop celebrates the birth of another, one time collaborator Jay-Z. Speculation ran rampant on who would be the next to fill the huge shoes of the rapper. Everyone wanted UGK to continue, people we simply wondering how the group would continue.

Bun B ended the speculation by stating that there would be one more album. Apparently, Pimp C had been in the studio, and there was enough to finish it. It was said that Bun B painstakingly made sure that the creation of this album would be a real album, something that Pimp C would be proud of, and would make their fans proud. In short, UGK4 Life (Jive) is that album, and it’s enough for anyone who is a Hip-Hop fan to be proud of.

For anyone living under a rock, it wouldn't be apparent that this album was released posthumously. The majority of the disc still feels fresh. “Feeling You” shows the versatility that both Bun B and Pimp C have when dealing with the Hip-Hop Ballad. Pimp’s harmonizing on the hook really sells the song. ”Harry A******” pops out from the track list and doesn't disappoint. The production is frenzied, and it supports the vocals; UGK , Boosie, and Lil Webbie drop quality verses.

The guest spots are welcomed additions. Raheem Devaughn gives them a soulful backdrop on “Still On The Grind”. E-40, B-Legit, and 8 Ball go for broke on “Used To Be”. MJG steals the spotlight from the guest spots, much like on “You're Everything” from II Trill. Too Short and Snoop Dogg keep things going on “Steal Your Mind”. These guests aren't different than what any fan should be expecting, and they each play their roles well.

If there were a few dents in the armor, they would come from the times this effort feels unfinished. The single, “The Game's Been Good To Me” comes to mind. “Texas Ave” makes you wonder what could have been. However, these moments are few and far between.

It’s obvious that when crafting this, Bun B had the best interests in mind for both fans and Pimp C's legacy. He avoided the sappy rest in peace songs, and being solemn. If he decided to do that as a send off, no one would blame him. But fans know that wouldn't be UGK, and in keeping UGK 4 Life as it is, an album fit for an Underground King. It is the best send off it could have possibly been; long live the Pimp.


"Da Game Been Good To Me"