Unbeaten Heavyweight Champ Deontay Wilder Is Ready To Kill Challenger Saturday

Deontay "The Bronze Bomber" Wilder said he's trying to catch a body in his next fight. Really?

(AllHipHop Features) Unbeaten WBC Heavyweight World Champion Deontay "The Bronze Bomber" Wilder stunned a bevy of press at the acclaimed Gleason's Gym in Brooklyn when he stated he wants to kill his opponent Dominic "Trouble" Breazeale in the ring as he defends his title this Saturday night.

“His life is on the line for this fight and I do mean his life. I’m still trying to get a body on my record," the champ stated. "This is the only sport where you can kill a man and get paid for it at the same time. It’s legal. Why not use my right to do so?”

Some have sharply criticized the pugilist for his statement.

Promoter Eddie Hearn chided Wilder stating the calls for legal murder were “bad for the sport." In the past, Wilder told Breazeale to “make some funeral arrangements."

While Wilder is clearly selling the fight in extreme ways, he slightly clarified the statement.

"Dominic Breazeale is going to get knocked out in dramatic fashion on Saturday. I can't wait. He's like a fly in my ear. I'm going to get him out of there in a fashion no one has ever seen," he said during the work out at Gleason's. "Dominic Breazeale asked for this. I didn't seek him out. He came for me. This isn't a gentleman's sport. We have bad blood and it'll be in the ring Saturday night.

Wilder will defend his title for the ninth time Saturday night on Showtime 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. It is his fourth time defending his crown in Brooklyn, which he said he has come to consider home.

"I love coming to Brooklyn. The people here have adopted me. I've had some of my most dramatic knockouts here at Barclays Center. I'm looking forward to adding another one to my resume Saturday night."

His last fight was wrought with controversy as well, a Split Decision Draw with Brit Tyson Fury.

"I learned from the Tyson Fury fight to stay patient. It was my moment and my time. I wanted to put on a great show and deliver the knockout. I rushed but Fury had to be perfect for 12 rounds, I just had to be perfect for two seconds," he stated. "I'm a person who's passionate about what I say and passionate about what I do. I'm the realest champion in the business. I show love everywhere I go. Love is the key to the world."

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