Uncle Reece Chooses to Be BOLD

Lyricist Uncle Reece chooses to stand out with his debut album entitled BOLD. The inspirational lyricist is putting the universal language of music to the test! Uncle Reece has been referred to as the next big thing in inspirational music by his musical peers and music executives. He doesn't just fit into one music genre, in fact his style is in line with Gospel, R&B, Soul, and Hip Hop with hints of Reggae as well. Uncle Reece is quite the musical melting pot. With BOLD ,Uncle Reece is not confined to the church, and there are no limits or boundaries to the way he can express his praise. Other than his style, Uncle Reece is also unique because of his choice to venture into inspirational and praise music coming from an inner city background where it was hard to hear God's message. Now that he chose his own musical lane, he can preach the good word of music to the masses. The release of BOLD will serve as a trailblazing album for the new generation. The effort is victorious! Uncle Reece will also be performing on the 2014 McDonald's Inspirational Celebration Tour. The tour will hit 11 cities including Philadelphia, Chicago, Atlanta, and Los Angeles to name a few. Check out Uncle Reece's video for his single "Until I Pass Out" below.