Undergroud Effects Artist Of The Week: YC The Cynic

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Anyone who claims to know how YC The Cynic rhymes is not a true listener of YC's at all. "The Bronx Bomber" has his own way of getting a point across this is true. However, that particular way morphs, changes and evolves through every project he puts out.

What you heard at the beginning of his career is not what you get from the YC of today. In fact one might argue that the YC of 3 months ago is not the YC of today! Nor should it be. He will never be pigeon-holed into staying true to anyone else's ideas of who he is supposed to be as an artist. How completely Hip Hop of him!

Besides an impeccable flow and a wisdom far beyond his young years laced throughout his lyrics, YC The Cynic adds dimensions to his work though non stop metaphorical genius. But don't just take our word for it! Take a listen to one of his newest releases as well as some of our older favorites and see if you don't agree!

And another one....

Aww why not...let's go with one more!

Keep up with YC The Cynic on Twitter: @YCtheCynic