Underground Effects Artist Of The Week: Soul Khan

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Soul Khan is off to one heck of a year already and judging by some of the work he put in on Soulstice III his colleagues should be afraid, yes, they should be very afraid.

Soul Khan has risen through the ranks of the battle emcee's, he has done and is doing amazing things with his Brown Bag brethren, but it's the personal pieces in his solo projects that get people staring at this man and silently wondering, "Where in the hell did that verse come from?" and the answer is simple. The verses are from his heart.

This artists is more than just metaphorically clever. He speaks truth to power with a wit that can not be taught. He is able to transform any news story into something the listener can grasp and digest and he never shies away from the fight. He uses Hip Hop in a very nostalgic way because for Soul Khan Hip Hop is a call to arms. Only the difference between Soul Khan and a lot of these knuckleheads out here is his words are his weapon of choice and with them he can mow down a mere mortal with ease.

Check out an example of what we mean in the song below!

And here's a classic example of his skills from one of our all time favorite SK songs to further reinforce our point!

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