Underground Effects Artists Of The Week: Bodega Brovas

Do you believe in Bodega? Well lots of their fans do and that's what makes any live show that they perform in so freakin impressive! They are interactive with their crowds in a way that many artists today don't bother to try to do.

We aren't sure if it's that they don't don't know how to pull it off or they simply don't care anymore about artistry period, but rappers should really take a chapter out of the Bodega Brovas book because when you pay for a show as a fan you want to be entertained. These guys do it with a fervor that is not easily beaten. Not by a long shot. 

But even doper than that is the actual music they put forth. The passion they exude on stage is what so completely compliments the bars they drop in the studio. These kids are wild with it, but in a fun way that allows the listener to take the journey with them.

A Bodga Brovas fan is not only able to quote the jokes and punchlines on a Bodega track, they understand the depths and the meanings in the music as well. This is so because there are no smoke and mirror tricks with these guys. Bodega Brovas make the music they want to listen to nothing more nothing less. If only more artists saw it that way what a Hip Hop Utopia this could be!

Check out some examples of what we mean in the videos below!

Grab their new free EP "Believe In Bodega" here.

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