URL Presents "Ultimate Madness Season 2" - This TIme All-Stars Want In ON The Craziness

Kershaw St. Jawnson

The Ultimate Rap League took their UFF franchise series, made popular on 106 & Park, and reworked it for a new generation of lyrical titans — this Saturday, August 1st jumps off the next season of their battle tournament, Ultimate Madness.

After the success of SMACK URL’s Ultimate Madness (Season 1) tournament series on Caffeine TV, the world’s most respected battle rap league is back, less than a month later, with the second season of competition.

It does not seem that the Ultimate Rap League is slowing down, proving that the coronavirus may have shut down Hollywood and the NFL, but it will not change the course of Smack White, E. Beasley, and Cheeko — the masterminds behind the legendary brand.

You may be wondering what could the team do differently with the upcoming tournament that was not done in UM1? Were they able to pull talent from The Crucible (URL’s new artist development franchise) or did they grab up some of the competitors that could not get in the first exhibition that awarded Ohio’s Fonz $25,000?

Oh, no! That would be too predictable. If you know anything about that crew over there … nothing that they do is predictable.

From their partnership with Drake and Caffeine (who saw that?) to their implementation of 24-hour mandatory COVID-19 testing before a battle, these guys don’t look at battle rap simply as an underground hobby that as promoters they can get some quick bread off of … they see it as a business, a thriving industry that if positioned correctly can feed generations.

To that end, UM2 will take the best of URL’s more established gladiators and allow them to jump onto the lyrical battlefield and fight to the end.

Who are some of those emcees on the card?

Ultimate Madness 2

The first day of competition will consist of the following contests:

Th3 Saga vs. Holmzie Da God, Glueazy vs. Emerson Kennedy, Danny Myers vs. Reepah Rell, and Tink da Demon vs. Franchise.

The second day of competition will feature these emcees:

Loso vs. Nunn Nunn, Mr. Wavy vs. Steams, Mike P vs. Ryda, and Young Cannon vs. Bill Collector.

URL and Caffeine TV have partnered with Woobox to allow fans to enter into a free chance to win serious cash. If you sign up to Caffeine TV, you can go to woobox.caffeine.tv and hop on the opportunity to win 1st place $2500, 2nd place $1000, or 3rd place $500.

Judges for the season are bigger and even more notable than those of the last (as if you can truly get bigger than 15 Minutes of Fame, HipHopIsReal, and Champion). Tony Bro returns to sit with the legendary battle rap icon, Iron Solomon, The “Queen” of the emcee ring, 40 BARRS, and the Wu-Tang Clan’s Method Man.

The first round takes place this Saturday, August 1 at 4 pm EST (1 pm PST) on Caffeine TV.

There is never a dull moment with URL