Valentine's Day Download

Having a significant other is wonderful during the “Holiday of Red,” but that color can signify bloodshed if the mood is weak or the gifts are sub par. One thing is for certain: after the dinner, the flowers and the romantic stroll comes the “most of the time pleasantly inevitable” Valentine’s Day lovin’.

If you’re fortunate to have someone, we picked the hot list for baby making. With some new gems and old favorites, the Valentine’s Day Download will make it last forever like Keith Sweat. Grab some ginseng and get your romance on with these tracks:

“Let’s Get it On” – Marvin Gaye

This had to be first for obvious reasons. The genius of Marvin and his ability to romanticize the phrase “let’s get it on.” If a dude off the street shouted this to most women, he would be missing teeth. Not Marvin though. Nottttt Marvin.

“Daydreaming” – Corinne Bailey Rae

Corinne Bailey Rae’s innocently sweet vocals are inspiring enough to skip town with your mate, so make sure you have some vacation time saved.

“Close To You” – Maxi Priest

The islands are calling! Maxi Priest’s dancified Reggae adds enough oomph to make you wanna stay romantic and not head for the sheets…to sleep.

“Lost Without U” – Robin Thicke

This song oozes with sexy. It was either this or “Angels”, and well that song is a little too nice to get naughty to.

“This Woman’s Work” – Maxwell

Remember the scene from Love and Basketball where Q de-virginizes Slim in her room after the big dance? Perfect song…even before that. Maxwell’s heavy breathing over gently high-pitched vocals is just too smooth.

“Buddy” – Musiq Soulchild

Hey, maybe you don’t have a partner, but you have a “special friend.” That’s nice. Have fun. Like Musiq says, “it’s a different kind of commitment.” As long as everyone is single, because then it becomes a soap opera.

“I Keep/Still Here” – Jill Scott

Goodness. Jilly from Philly picked the greatest song on her Beautifully Human album to be the hidden track. Good thing the song before it makes the five or so minute wait for the hidden track that much more enjoyable.

“Freak Me (remix)” – Silk

It was only a matter of time before the ‘90s strip music would be included in this mix. More to come. This one pioneered it with blatantly “freaky” vocals. The original is just as good, but this version has spunk.

“If I Ever Fall in Love” – Shai

Where are these guys? The acapella version makes this list, because the group’s harmonizing comes second to none…well, second to Boyz II Men. Besides, the lack of backbeat makes it sound like a mini concert in your bedroom with your man and his three friends. Okay, maybe not.

“Music ” – Joss Stone featuring Lauryn Hill

If you’re completely lacking in the love department, there’s always music to move you. This track is perhaps the sexiest ode to the breath-taking, heart-braking, body-aching message of love we know as music.

“Knockin’ Da Boots” – H-Town

Okay okay, maybe most of these ‘90s songs come from now defunct R&B groups, but there is no denying the impact their one or two hits produced. This song also took a partially romantic gesture and made it into a love song. Nice.

“Again” – John Legend

Actually, just invest in the whole John Legend catalog.

“Downtown” – SWV

What did you expect? “Weak”? Please. We’re not talking about holding hands in the food court at the mall. Grow up!

“U Send Me Swingin’” – Mint Condition’s Dove co-signs this one. It’s Mint Condition for crying out loud. How could they not make the list?

“Feenin” – Jodeci

This was such a darling return for Jodeci. No one sang like Jodeci, and that’s a fact. Come back out boys! You don’t work as well in pairs.

“Future Sex / Love Sound” – Justin Timberlake

A little peppy, but JT makes it work. As long as neither partner claims to be bringing sexy back, then this song is acceptable.

“If This World Were Mine” – Luther Vandross

It’s Luther, come on! The purveyor of mood music. His velvety-layered vocals are so plush that you just want to wrap yourself in them.

“Uhh Ahh” – Boyz II Men

10, 9, 8, 7, 6..5, 4…3, 2…..1…injection fellas.