Video Exclusive: Skeme Broaches Artistic Growth

Videographer: Frsk Purple

Granting unprecedented access, was backstage at the Dom Kennedy's 'Get Home Safely' concert. While situated in the greenroom, a composed Skeme, gives the concise yet candid video exclusive:

On Artistic Growth from DopeHouse to Ingleworld

“It’s a real growth thing in general. When the first mixtapes that came out I was all of 17 years old—now I’m 24…Seven years of doing music and gauging what people like from you—what people is rolling with you for—I think that’s the process of me making new music, nowadays. That’s where we’ve went with it; I’ve matured.”

On Beat Selection

With my beats, it's like I'm looking for a certain thing every single time. You know what I'm saying. So, when I get to playing with it it's really nothing. So, we get to running off on beats--some of 'em I'm just really trying to sit in pocket, because they're smooth-riding joints. Everything I got that quirky little bounce to them I'm going to tear them muthafu*kas apart. And try my best to tear them sh*ts up. You know, it's always a pick and choose as to what I'm going to do with a song."