VIDEO: Rihanna and NBA Stars Kevin Durant & James Harden "Prepare for Battle"

The Spring/Summer movie season is well underway, and the battle for Earth is on when Battleship hits theaters on Friday, May 18.

In what is sure to be a promotional blitz for the big budget flick, there's a new video on the streets featuring the "Queen of R&B (Raunch & Badgirl)", Rihanna, along with NBA players Kevin Durant and James Harden.

The "Prepare for Battle" snippet video showcases the ballers with live-action basketball, and Rihanna and her superhero-self fighting to save the planet. If anyone can beat down a bad guy in the end - it's Rihanna.

Directed by Peter Berg (Hancock, The Kingdom, Friday Night Lights), Battleship is the latest film adaptation of a game, video game, or classic comic book hero. According to creators, it is an "epic-scale action-adventure that unfolds across the seas, in the skies and over land as our planet fights for survival against a superior force."


Battleship opens in theaters everywhere on May 18.