VIDEO: The Must-See Craig Mack Documentary!


A fan made doc on Craig Mack gets to the bottom of a lot of questions, including his relationship with Diddy and Biggie.

(AllHipHop Features) There is renewed interest in one Craig Mack, one of the pillars of the Bad Boy Empire. The New York rapper is truly one of the unheralded artists of the 1990’s. Mack was one of Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs’s prized artists at one point, but soon The Notorious B.I.G. would emerge as the singular most important artist on the label. Or was he? Some could argue Craig Mack did that with Flava In Ya Ear and the subsequent remix that revamped everybody’s career.

But, the story of Craig Mack goes much deeper. A documentary has been floating online for quite some time. I have watched it in its entirety and its good, in my opinion. It does a good job of telling the truth in an objective manner. It is important to note that Erick Sermon, who knew and worked closely with Craig Mack, is working on an official doc on Craig Mack that includes the rap star. When that comes, we’ll be supporting it. For now, check this out.

This doc was created by me the link you have up was ripped off my channel a while ago. I would appreciate you load my link that can be found on YouTube under Kraze The King of Content. The Correct title is called " Crazy Like That Glue" . I would appreciate the correct and proper acknowledgment. I wasn't only a fan I grew up with Craig Mack. and Everyone in the Doc that is why it is so informative. I do appreciate you liking the watch.

The same reasons why we love the internet is the same reasons we hate it! Information is shared so much the original content creators sometimes never get the credit they deserve. Thank you for your comment as I will support your link and I recommend all the people who view it to do the same. - Black Exodus

Thanks my brother Ill see if the changed the link or not

Which I knew( illseed) would not be changed because they don't care about doing things right way . All these so called Journalist Reporters care about is doing it. Character and Integrity is lost in the moment. I just come from a place where we gave people the proper credit for what they did... These MF's do give a shit.