Vita: Stand Up

Last year New Jersey-based rapper Vita anticipated

that her long-awaited album, La Vita Dolce ("The Good Life"),

would drop under the Murder Inc. banner. Her hopes would never come to fruition.

Instead the original female on Murder Inc. would walk away after being signed

to the label for over two years.

Now, the former Murder Inc. artist says she is

currently recording her next project, which she expects will see the light of

day. The rapper stresses she is working with an assortment of producers including

Damizza, Lil’ Rizzy,

Dame Grease , Lil’ Rizzy (aka Lil’ Rob), Grease and others.

Jumping straight to “big records,”

Vita boasts she recently recorded a song with R&B-turned-punk rocker Pink

called “Finally Goodbye.”

“I’ve been stagnated for a long time

now and I’ve been fighting a war that’s not mine,” Vita says

to “I just want everybody to know that I’m still here

and I’m not going nowhere.”

Irv Gotti admitted on record that he never wanted

to lose the first lady of Murder Inc, but says his upstart grew impatient as

the labels roster blossomed. Previously, Gotti said Vita “spazzed out”

with the addition of Charli Baltimore and wanted more creative control, something

he was unwilling to relinquish.

Still contractually bound to Murder Inc., Vita

speaks on her situation and the direction she wants her still-promising career

to go. What do you mean when you say

a "war that’s not yours?"

Vita: I said I’ve been fighting a war that’s

not my war. I’m in the middle of a situation that really doesn’t have

anything to do with me, but I’m being affected by it. You can’t speak more specific?

Vita: No Is that what led you to leave?

Did you leave? Some people said you were dropped.

Vita: No I wasn’t dropped, all the world

needs to know is that I’ve been stagnated.

Vita was not dropped from the label, I just been stagnated to the point where

I just basically threw myself back in the studio. I’m just basically in

the middle of a situation that really has nothing to do with me. But you can’t say what that is?

Vita: No, not yet I heard you on a Kay Slay tape today.

Vita: We did that record like 2 years ago and

they just releasing it. Who did you do that with?

Vita: Me, Lil’ Mo, Ja and Envy. I have

some hot records like the joint that Pink just did with me called “Finally

Goodbye.” It’s crazy, it’s hot. How did you hook up with Damizza?

He’s from the West Coast right?

Vita: I’ve had a relationship with him

for a while now. We actually did about 4 songs together. He’s a real person

that’s been showing me love outside of the B.S. that’s been going

on. I got Lil’ Rizzy a.k.a. Lil’ Rob. He did “Hot Spot”

for Foxy. He used to be signed to Irv’s production company Top Dog. Grease;

Vacant Lot, Jay 5; Vacant Lot, Steve Rizzum; he produced Pink’s first album.

I just have a lot of different people showing me love and I’m just in the

studio working and doing joints, building up. Have you secured a deal yet?

Vita: There are several deals on the table but

I can’t make any moves because of things that’s going on right now. Are you still kind of hemmed up in a contract


Vita: I wont say that, it’s just a lot

of things going on where people can’t get certain information that they

need. Is Hype your manager?

Vita: No But he’s the one that introduced

you to Murder Inc.?

Vita: Yeah, I’m signed to Hype’s production

company. Was it an issue between him and

Irv? Irv made it sound like it was Hype was the one that got upset with your

project being pushed back. Would you say that was accurate?

Vita: Their both businessmen and I can say that

of course it’s accurate. He’s going to feel the way he feels, that’s

why I told you I’ve been stagnated for awhile and I’m fighting a war

that’s not my war. So you feel like your stuck between those

two guys?

Vita: I just feel like I’m fighting a war

that’s not my war. Was it your decision to actually leave or

were you guided that way?

Vita: Put it like this, I’m grown and I

can speak for myself. That’s all I need to say. If there was anything said

in reference to Vita wanting to leave it never came out my mouth. I’m grown

and now I have to go full speed ahead

on making a decision that’s best for me. Was it scary to do that ‘cause

Murder Inc. is one of the top labels in Hip Hop and R&B, tied to really

big company like Def Jam. A lot people would be kind of scared to make that


Vita: It’s still all love, but this is

a business. It’s nothing personal. I know Charlie Baltimore made

it clear that y’all didn’t have any beef. In fact they were really

hesitant about saying that you actually left, at least Ja and Charlie were.

Are you still on good speaking terms with them?

Vita: I’m still on good terms with everybody

and it’s all love. I don’t think they want you

to leave ‘cause they used to keep talking like you were still with them.

They were still saying you were on Murder Inc. Do you think that’s the

case; that they still want you there?

Vita: That’s what I’m hearing. In

any situation actions speak louder than words. Did you have an album finished?

Vita: Yeah, just about. The Pink and Lil’

Rob records have been done way after the situation. I put myself back in the

studio so I can continue to work and be an artist. I’m fighting a war that’s

not my war. I will definitely keep you up to date with what’s going on.

Like I said, I’m fighting a war that’s not my war. I don’t have

no animosity toward the Inc. I’m just trying to stay working and keep busy.