Waking Up Next To a Stranger...London Says You've Drank Too Much

While surfing the internet looking for por…I mean great books to read,

I stumbled across this gem. A song called "One 2 Many" by a new artist

out of Atlanta named London [Universal/Motown]. After listening to this song, I couldn't

help but wonder, "Did I get drunk last night and record a song?"

Fortunately for all of you I didn't and someone else did. This song

seems to tell my life story!

Guys, gals, gals masquerading as guys, guys masquerading as gals, and

anyone I may have missed: have you ever went out to the club and drank

your Big Pun's weight in alcohol? Then in the morning you wake up in a

strange bed only to find someone sleeping next you? Your mind begins

to race. Male or female, you are undoubtedly hoping and wondering

several things about your drunken encounter. Some of these include:

"Please let this really be a girl." "Could I be pregnant?" (guys this

applies to you too) and the most important thing you will likely be

wondering is..."Who is this and why are they so ugly?!!"

Once you wake up and fully examine the body of the person you are

lying next to, you will find that they have patches of hair missing,

they have not been to the dentist since Nixon was President, and they

are missing their right eye. After all of this, you will undoubtedly

say..."I had one too many"