Wednesday Fashion Feature: Change The World We Walk On With GodSpeed Footwear

After creating GoldSpun, the contemporary apparel brand based on raw materials, creative director Marck Marcellus moved his talents into footwear and developed GodSpeed. The GodSpeed philosophy is simple: "Change The World We Walk On," and the first collection is based on the mathematical concept of Phi. Phi, also known as the golden ratio, is a mysterious and powerful equation governing aesthetics. This GodSpeed collection emulates the golden ratio through the balance and symmetry of the design, and the fusion of fashion and function, congruence and individuality. There is harmony in each shoe, and in the collection as a whole.  Godspeed shoes feature premium leather piecing, high memory polyurethane insoles, SupraFoam® midsoles, handcrafted sewing details, and full ankle support. Check out our exclusive shots of the first collection below, now available on Here's more from our interview with Marck Marcellus, the genius behind GoldSpun and GodSpeed: How did you get your start in the fashion industry?Marck: "My start in the fashion industry started something like the beginning of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. But my Philly was Brooklyn, and my Bel-Air was Queens. A few fights after school got me shipped out there, where I went from wearing what I wanted to school, to wearing a uniform and attending Our Lady Of Sorrows. Basiclly, the Brooklyn lifestyle was not the path my aunts wanted for me." Describe a typical day in your life (working with GoldSpun/GodSpeed). Marck: "I'm an early bird, usually one of the first in the office. I like that early start so I can map out all the issues that may occur throughout the day. The rest of my day is filled with research—fabrics, fashion, trims, and fits. These are the ever changing components in my field." What inspired you to start a footwear line, and what was the initial concept behind it? Marck: "I was inspired to start a footwear line due to what the market was offering. Many times you find sneakers you like, but the colorways are not what you're looking for. I also have GoldSpun customers who wanted to see footwear from us. Because of GoldSpun's aesthetic, our customers are looking for something strong and masculine. In launching GodSpeed Movement, I made sure [customers] had a sneaker that gave [them] the feeling of a field boot, placing the "mid-speed" design on the base of a basic high-top shoe, and adding a clean edge, clean toe, etc." What can we expect from GodSpeed's fall 2010 collection? Marck: "We will continue to push the limits of fashion…Godspeed will also stay true to the quality and workmanship that our customer has been come to expect from us." Which GodSpeed shoe is your personal favorite so far? Marck: "My personal favorite is the UP-Speed, because it has so much support, and the toe is really clean so you can dress it up, cover the shoe or tuck in your jeans for that field-boot look." Can you give our aspiring designers out there a few tips for success?Marck: "When one door closes another one opens. Keep your head up and your ears and your eyes open. Everyday is a brand new day, another chance to reach that goal. Say, 'They can't stop that hunger inside of me—no one wants it more than I do. I need it.' We are the maximum force of the future." Get your GodSpeed shoes on  Up-Speed Hi by GodSpeed Speed Chaser Hi Sneakers by GodSpeedSee more HERE.