Wes Fif: It Ain’t Hard to Tell He’s Back

With a strong buzz throughout Florida for his new mixtape, “It Ain’t Hard to Tell”, Orlando based rapper Wes Fif is garnering a lot of attention in the “Sunshine State” these days. Early in his career he achieved success working with B.o.B. on the hit song “Haters Everywhere We Go.“ A short stint with Slip-N-Slide Records in 2007 didn’t work out due to creative differences, so Wes Fif had to go back to the drawing board and make the hip hop music he knew he could. Now working with some of the Orlando top producers, including Oddz and Endz and Kane Beats who produced “Steady Mobbin’” and “BedRock” for Young Money, Wes Fif is geared up for another push to make it to the next level. With features from Lil’ Boosie, Billy Blue, the Outlawz and many more, Wes Fif is putting “The O” on his back. Check out what this former AllHipHop.com Breeding Ground artist has to say about his ups and downs in the industry and where he plans to go from here. The mixtape is solid, the buzz is strong, so what comes next?AllHipHop.com: Right now you got a real strong buzz going on. The Core DJ retreat was just a few weekends ago in Orlando. Tell me what the scene is like in Orlando right now for you? I heard there is a lot of buzz going on about you down there.Wes Fif: Oh yea it’s been that way probably for the last three to four years in this town and a lot of cats try to come up, they’ve come and gone. Like you know as well as I know, the process is kind of grueling, it’s hard for a lot of people to stay in it unless they love it so I have been able to hold a steady buzz for a couple of years. AllHipHop.com: So tell me about a couple of the singles you guys are working on right now. I saw that “I’m Back Remix” video that was on AllHipHop.com. Talk about the other ones and what you got going on?Wes Fif: That joint we just got finished pushing this week and still are in the process pushing a song called “Going In” that my dude C-note produced. So we getting like good feedback on that and more recently we just started pushing a record called “All We Do is Get It” featuring a cat named Schife from South Florida. He is doing a lot of work w/ DJ Khaled too so me and him clicked up and put together what I like to call some riot music . AllHipHop.com: Early on your career you had a lot of success with your song “Haters Everywhere We Go” with B.O.B. Can you talk about how that changed your career and what it’s been since then?Wes Fif: For the most part what I took away from that situation was the learning experience because that record opened up a lot of doors as far as like…it was on a movie soundtrack and got a s**t loads of spins in the U.S and overseas. A lot of people did start checking for me off that record and most of those people are still checking for me til this day. AllHipHop.com: Right so do you see yourself working w/B.O.B in the future again ?Wes Fif: Yea it’s definitely a possibility, I gotta speak to one of his managers TJ and probably like every other week twice a month I always check in. I see everything going on and give them props.AllHipHop.com: So can you tell me about the Orlando scene? Miami has a great deal of respect in the hip-hop industry, but it seems like Orlando is still looking for that level of shine. Wes Fif: As far as influence in my case I look toward people like DJ Magic Mike who is a pioneer of southern music period. He was around with Uncle Luke and all that at the beginning of southern music so I definitely got to say him. On a local level we had cats like Chubby Rell and Grand Daddy South, those cats those were the names who influenced the city. Me myself, I had to venture out, I had to get out in Atlanta, Miami and Tampa, things of that nature in order to get that proper respect from the industry. The consumer, the fans in Orlando they are the best. They f**k wit you hard body, its just the infrastructure if you will. AllHipHop.com: So what’s the “Ain’t Hard to Tell mixtape” all about? Wes Fif: It’s like the best stuff I’ve put together. I kind of treated it like an album. I went in knowing what I wanted sound wise and what kind of impact I wanted to make. I am really excited about letting the world hear it.AllHipHop.com: Right now can you talk about some of the production that you got because Orlando they do have some great producers down there. So is there anyone that you really take to the liking to or you see yourself working with in the future?Wes Fif: Yea one dude I am always going to really rock with and that’s because he didn’t forget where he came from so to speak and that’s my dude Kane Beatz who did “Steady Mobbin” for Lil Wayne, “Bed Rock” for Young Money, T-Pain “Reverse Cow Girl” and he got a lot of things coming and I’ve been knowing him since he was on Sound Click and he never lost that touch. Til this day he always send tracks if I ask him to send me some tracks. That’s one dude I’m a definitely going to still rock w/when the time comes…. and another cats I f**k w/cats named Oddz and Endz they did “So fly” for Slim 112 he got another record. I want to say it’s a Birdman record, but I can’t think of the name off top. Other than that I know other producers that came from here but it ain’t really no reason I should follow them, other than those two guys.AllHipHop.com: Alright man so going forward, having had your previous success and the buzz you got going on now, what do you think it’s going to take for you to succeed over the rest of 2010?Wes Fif: Stay in people faces putting out quality s**t then everything is gonna go the way it suppose to go. As long as I stay focused and keep doing what I am doing and going hard I feel like it’s inevitable, especially when the quality of music and the whole package.