Who's Making Moves: Jen Yu of AKOO

Name: Jennifer Yu Title: Director of Marketing, AKOO ClothingNeighborhood: New York City's East Village..."but I still…

Name: Jennifer Yu Title: Director of Marketing, AKOO ClothingNeighborhood: New York City's East Village..."but I still miss the westside (California)." How she got here: "I originally got my start in the entertainment/fashion industry by launching Nelly's women's apparel line, Apple Bottoms in 2003 at MAGIC in Las Vegas. From there I continued to consult for various brands until I was offered a position at FILA as their Global Entertainment Marketing Manager and was relocated from LA to NYC. I moved on to work with New Era for the next three years, managing their Branded Entertainment, and just recently started with AKOOClothing as their new Director of Marketing." What have been some the biggest challenges in getting adjusted to NYC? "My biggest challenges adjusting from Cali life to New York would probably be figuring out the train system, and getting used to the frigid weather during the winter!" Your 13-year-old daughter is going to the High School for Fashion Industries in Manhattan. Did your career have an influence on her and are you psyched about her having a career in this industry? "I think my career path has definitely influenced my daughter's interest in fashion. I'm extremely proud of her and super-psyched that she'll be attending this school in the fall. The apple must not fall too far from the tree, right? As the saying goes, 'It's who you know that gets you there, but it's what you know that keeps you there.' Whichever path she decides to take, she'll definitely have the support of my Rolodex." What's the most disgusting thing you've seen in the streets of New York? "I simply cannot get used to seeing the rats. That has to be the single most disgusting thing about New York." After a stressful day, what's your favorite comfort food? "My favorite comfort foods after a long day at the office would have to be a slice of pizza from Artichoke or a BLT Burger." Have you had the chance to work with Tip yet in your short time at AKOO? ”Working with Tip on the Fall/Winter AKOO ad campaign was amazing. He’s the consummate professional, really able to juggle things simultaneously while always keeping a smile on his face!” A Typical Day in Jen's Life:9:30am: "Train or cab to work...depending on my mood!" 10:00am: "Start checking emails and voice mails." 11:00am: "Pull apparel for photo shoots and video placements." 1:00 pm: "Lunch with Vibe magazine." 2:30pm: "Review images for AKOO's fall ad campaign." 3:30pm: "Call with Grand Hustle [Records, T.I.'s label]." 4:00pm: "Crumbs cupcake run!" 5:00pm:"Call with Atlantic Records [home of Grand Hustle]." 6:00pm: "Budget reviews." 7:00pm: "Drinks with Complex magazine." 8:30pm: "Dinner...finally!" DrJays.com Exclusive: A behind-the-scenes sneak peek at AKOO's fall/winter 2010 campaign shoot with T.I.: Catch Jen Yu on Twitter: www.twitter.com/followjenyu AKOO images: akooclothingbrand.com/blog