Why Do Most Students Like Hip-Hop?

Today's teachers are beginning to use hip hop music to teach their students, from math to history and reading.

There are many different types of music, and one of the most popular is hip-hop. This blend of beats and tracks is loved by people all over the world. Popularized in the ’80s and ’90s, it has become favorite music of the whole generation and is still going strong today.

You don’t have to look far to discover where hip hop lives, it is an art form that has spread everywhere. There are many reasons why it is such a popular type of music. Here are some of them on why you, as a student might want to check it out and see why so many enjoy it.

Form of self-expression

There have been many famous artists over the years, from Scarface to Dr. Dre, Kendrick Lamar and Jay Cole. However, the great thing about hip-hop music is that anyone can express themselves "rapping". Hip Hop is more about letting what’s bothering you out.

Many people have become amateur rappers, rhyming about the things that are important to them. The more you listen to this type of music, the more you can begin to relate to what the artists are saying.

There is no canon definition of what makes rap lyrics. You should make sure the words you use are your own, maybe you could use a free plagiarism checker.

Or you could become a mixer, select the songs you like and turn them into something new, sampling different pieces and putting them together to create a remix. There are many ways you could become a hip-hop artist. You might even become an educational rapper.

Catchy Beats

Hip-hop is known for its driving beats. The movement started up in clubs, where MCs would load up two different records and switch between them, blending them together as people danced. The lights, the energy, and the atmosphere created an experience that people were excited about.

DJs would alter the flow of music, scratching or reversing it to create the whole new product. The energy that overtook a room while hip-hop music was on spread very quickly. It is a part of this style itself being a perfect reason to start listening.

Relatable Lyrics

Hip-hop started at a time when some groups of people were being marginalized. The disenfranchised began to share their history and culture with the world, inviting people to start to understand the things they were going through, sort of like college essay examples.

They took their feelings and, rather than turn to things like violence, they channeled it into music. The lyrics are real and often talk about serious issues.

You can feel the artist’s emotions put into the songs, and even if you don’t connect with their exact situation, you will probably relate to the passion behind the art. Each one is unique, you don’t have to check for plagiarism.

School can be a time when you feel different or overwhelmed, and hip-hop can be great to listen to while dealing with various challenges.


Hip-hop, with its catchy music and repetitive beats, will soon get stuck in your head. The songs grab hold of you, and you will find yourself remembering them.

As such, there are people who are beginning to use this style to teach their students. The rhyme schemes can be used to explain everything from math to history and reading.

Whether you are a teacher or a student, becoming familiar with this genre may help you in future education. Hip-hop is a genre that has a rich history. Musicians like Eminem and Drake are doing new things and keeping this type of music alive.

The issues and problems may be different these days, but the artists take all of it and turn it into music that anyone can listen to, relate to and enjoy.

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