Why You Need Chambray In Your Wardrobe

As we previously reported from the Capsule and Agenda trade shows, chambray is the "It" fabric right now and going forward into spring 2011. The cotton fabric is woven with a white weft and colored warp, usually light blue. The term "blue collar" worker stemmed from this, as chambray is often used for typical workwear shirts. "Prison blues" is yet another term referring to chambray, due to the fact the fabric was commonly used for prison uniforms. Kid CudiThe 1980s and 90s saw chambray translated into mainstream fashion pieces. And of course, those are two popular decades we can't seem to get enough of. Although the light blue button-down shirt may instantly pop to mind when you think of this fabric, various colors and designs have been introduced in the versatile chambray, from vests to sneakers. Check out some of our favorites: Activism Board Shorts by Katin x ApolisBeach Vest by Waste(twice)Chambray Pack by Vans Chambray Button Up by French ConnectionChambray Cargo Shorts by CAVISource: Hypebeast