Will Killmonger Return? Creed 2's Michael B. Jordan Reveals And Talks Stan Lee!

Creed 2 is coming! Chuck Creekmur talks to Michael B. Jordan about Killmonger and the legacy of the great Stan Lee.

(AllHipHop Features) "Creed 2" star Micheal B. Jordan is a true man of the people. The actor returned to his roots in Newark, NJ for a community screening to the sequel of the 2015 blockbuster. Hundreds of people convened in several of Newark's CityPlex theaters to see the new movie, which comes out for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Chuck Creekmur , AllHipHop founder, caught MBJ on the red carpet for an interview before he spoke to the fans at the various screenings of "Creed 2."

Yesterday, Stan "The Man" Lee, the legendary comic writer, editor, publisher and actor, died, causing millions to celebrate his life. Earlier this year, "Black Panther", a character Lee created in 1966, broke box office records.

MBJ commented on Stan Lee's legacy and reveals there is a possibility that popular anti-villain Killmonger could return.

"Honestly, we lost a good one. He changed the game of entertainment. He allowed people to dream. He allowed kids to see themselves on screen. I'm really happy to be involved with Black Panther, one of the last adaptations of his work he was able to see while he was alive. That's really special to me."

"Who knows? Its Marvel so anything can happen, you know? Ryan [Coogler] is [directing] the second one ["Black Panther 2" so I can't wait to see what he does.

Creekmur, leaped in saying, "So, there's hope?"

There's always going to be a little hope," Micheal B. Jordan concluded.

"Creed 2" opens in theaters November 21, 2018, but can already be seen in select locations.