Will Packer and Taraji P. Henson Host Atlanta No Good Deed Advance Screening

Wednesday night Atlanta's own filmmaker Will "Power" Packer held a private press screening for his new film, No Good Deed. A private dinner with Taraji P. Henson followed. Both the press screening and media dinner were held in Atlanta at Atlantic Station. The house was packed with VIP guests including Mekhi Phifer, Omar Epps, Todd Tucker (Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta”), Kenny Burns and WVEE-FM on-air personality Ryan Cameron.

The media dinner, moderated by Packer, presented a dialogue between both Henson and Packer about the behind the scenes aspects of the film such as how many years they had the idea, switching the cast to two African-American leads, and Henson "play stalking" Idris to get him to sign on. The conversation allowed the media to learn a lot about how the actress and filmmaker poured themselves into the making of this psychological thriller. Henson said that now that she has taken on the role as a producer as well, her hat goes off to Packer because his role as an executive producer is hard. Packer said he would work with her anytime because she's passionate and has a wide skill set. The film is a great psycho thriller full of twists, turns, and an unexpected ending! Make sure you check out the film when it hits theaters on September 12, 2014.

Fun Fact: There is a little scene in the film where you think some "action" is going to go down but it doesn't. Taraji did state that she tried to get Idris Elba to show a little of his crack, butt crack that is!.

Photos by Prince Williams and Joi Pearson.

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