Witchdoctor: The Diary Of An American Witchdoctor

Once upon a time there was a different type of sound in Atlanta. At the forefront was a group called Outkast, whose clique The Dungeon Family brought the city some shine with their diversified content and a sound that could be described as down home cool. Fast forward to present day, and you have an affiliate of the Dungeon Family Witchdoctor dropping his fifth LP The Diary Of An American Witchdoctor (Williams Street). Sure the scene has completely changed in ATL, but Witchdoctor stays true to the roots he had forged in the past. He puts the old school southern Hip-Hop heads fears to rest; as his sound definitely holds up.After an intro that sets the tone, “Just Like You” turns the album on. The mellow production slathered on to the homely sharp lyrics makes the song grappling and pertinent to most of us. “Jake Got Ya Body” is a pulse driving affair. Featuring some pounding bass and sharp snares it is sure to grab the attention of anyone listening. “Best Year” which may be the best track of the album, combines guitar heavy production and Witchdoctor rejoicing in his newfound clarity.The album is skit heavy and while some of them allow for a good transition, eventually they begin to get cumbersome. “Are You Happy There” feels like it was thrown together. The track features more talking than rapping and could have been left off the album all together. Additionally “Spell On Them Hoes” is just as uninspiring as Witchdoctor lacks any presence when he raps; throwing off the energy of the track. For those who missed that old school southern appeal, look no further. With songs that get your head nodding as well as lyrics that have a bit of thought to them; Witchdoctor has made a product that even with its faults is mystical. Take the trip back, it will be worth it. SOUNDCHECK:Witchdoctor "The Barrel"