Wiz Khalifa Talks Everything From New Album To Amber Rose To Kanye To Weed Biz

AllHipHop chats with Wiz Khalifa, only to find that the young spitter is now an accomplished OG.

(AllHipHop Features) Where did all the time go? The one-time prince of the city is now big homie. Wiz Khalifa, 30, has evolved from a Pittsburgh spitter in oversized clothing into a certified boss with a unique penchant for crafting some of rap's biggest hits. Wiz has evolved tremendously right before our eyes and he continues to do so at a rate that behooves his age.

The next stage in his evolution is Rolling Papers 2, the follow up to his 2011 multi-platinum album. Topping the original won’t be easy. The climate has changed and a whole new crop of artists have come to rise to prominence and dominance. But, in this exclusive interview with Chuck "Jigsaw" Creekmur, Wiz seems unphased. A shot of liquor and a joint don’t hurt either, as the rapper-turned-mogul appears completely relaxed amid increasingly tense times. The talented Mr. Khalifa is now deep into training in MMA, has a wildly mature demeanor, and even scoffs at the pressure of churning out more hits.

He tells AllHipHop everything from his relationship with his past (Amber Rose), his son (salute to Sebastian), his kinda sorta beef (Kanye West) and how he deals with the pesky paparazzi he knows are planted booby traps for him. Furthermore, he talks straight business and how he has evolved from that young man that got a big break on this very site into a titan of music decidedly in control of his life.

Rolling Papers 2 hits all platforms on July 13.