Wynter's Tale: Tour Report

The HighYay! I just hopped off the stage from my first show on the Keyshia Cole Tour. It was amazing! It wasn't amazing, because I was so good (I made alot of mistakes) but it was just such a rush performing in front of so many people and feeding off of their energy. Keyshia Cole has a dedicated fan base of people who love music...and I'm honored to be a part of that experience.The RealNow while I'm the opening act of this tour, there are certain realities that I must deal with. First, no one is there to see me. Second, no one will know my songs. Third, I will have ten feet of stage space to do my set. But none of that really matters, because I am doing what I love!The ShowOk, so the show went really well except for a few things. One, the show CD skipped ahead 15 seconds in the middle of my set, and then the sound man accidentally pressed stop at the end of one of my songs causing the CD to begin from the top. This caused my set to delay another 30 seconds, because my manager had to manually fast forward to the minute and second where the second song starts (all the songs are on one track). So I had to stall and crack jokes while they fixed the problem. All in all, the crowd showed me a lot of love and really responded well to my performance. Despite all the technical mishaps from the first show, I am feeling good about the next one. I know I am going to get better as I get more comfortable on that stage.The TravelOk, so if I thought I was a big deal before, this tour lets me know that I am so far from a big deal that it's not even funny. There are seven people in my tour van. My Driver is Don Jean, my road manager is Paul Parris, my film crew is Barry Offor and Paul Parris; my dancers are Eric/Dister (they alternate shows) and Noel, and then my manager is on the van as well. It's a bit tight, but it's a fun crew, and we make the most of it. On that opening road trip, though, it was brutal. On the eight (8) hour ride to Cleveland we lost sight of any good radio stations, and Don Jean (driver) could not see the DVD, because he had to drive. So he turns on satellite radio to some station that just plays break beats for 24 hours...Paul Parris wakes up to the break beats and starts freestyling...yes freestyling! Don Jean joins in, and now we all have to listen to them freestyle for what felt like three hours! Hey, but if it keeps the driver awake, can i really complain?Thank YousI need to say thank you to some lovely people that have really made the beginning of this tour a wonderful experience. To all of the wonderful people in Cleveland, thank you for encouraging me and cheering me on - it was really what I needed for my first show. Simone, Jean, and Shahendra at Drjays.com for believing in me, investing in me, outfitting me, and best yet...befriending me. Vitari and Maureen at Enyce/Lady Enyce for investing in me and my dancers and providing the much needed support for this tour (and my dreams!). Craig, Chris, Shani, Sickamore, Dionnee, Marsha, and everyone at Atlantic Records for working with me and cheering me on and supporting the Wynter "cause." Don Pooh, for personally investing... not just in this tour, but in my career! And last but certainly not least, Manny Hailey and Keyshia Cole for blessing me with this opportunity to share with Keyshia's fans and to watch and learn from an already established artist.Until next time, look for me in a city near you!