Yak Ballz: Scifentology 2

With the overflow of watered down subject matter and lack of artistry in the recent years, it is clear that Rap has been in a stagnant position. Artists and fans alike have been looking for something different; something that stands out and proves that that Hip-Hop is indeed not dead. There is a lot of talk about how our music needs to be more original, take more chances, and bring something new to the table.Unfortunately, just because one goes out of the box does not mean that the result is a stellar album. Take Yak Ballz' new project Scifentology II (Flo Spot) for example.

While the Weathermen cohort does get some credit for being original, this effort is just not up to par. There are a few moments of glory here, but for the most part, the vibe of the album just does not hold one's attention. Tracks like "Nuclear Society" featuring Tame One and "Cha Ching (Clap Your Hands)” are respectable efforts that really show the potential of Yak to make quality joints. But these two standouts are surrounded by sub-par material such as the dull "Out Of Range,” and the monotonous "Dirt Empire.” "Future Deluxe" featuring Slow Suicide Stimulus is backed by a solid instrumental, but Yak and Stimulus fail to deliver a vocal performance that compliments the track accordingly. The same fate holds for "Underrated.” This time the production and Yak's verses fit a little better, but the song is shot dead in the water by a horribly weak chorus. A better hook or some DJ Premier scratches could have saved this one.

"YBTV" and "New Communication" featuring Cage aren't a total loss. But both lack the fire under them to really get the listener’s attention; which really is the overall story of this album. Yak is a decent MC, but this misguided, and honestly, lackluster album doesn't show it. It's respectable when an artist attempts to separate themselves from the rest of the pack, but the music still has to be worth the listen.