You Know I Got Soul: Twista

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edition of You Know I Got Soul features one of the fastest rappers to ever grace

a microphone. Hailing from Chi-Town, Twista’s fast way of rapping was his

ticket to landing his recording contract with Loud Records in 1991, but even

then, acquiring notoriety was difficult to come by.


diligent work, the fast rapping artist finally represented Chicago on the

biggest record of his career, “Slow Jamz” with the help of Jamie Foxx and

mid-west brethren Kanye West. Since then, Jay-Z, Ludacris, Elephant Man, R.

Kelly and more made sure that they worked with the talented Twista. Back with

his seventh album Category F5, slated for a mid-year release, Twista is ready

to rip through the music scene like an F5 tornado to climb the charts once

again. Fans should expect features from his Get Money Gang label as well as he

taps Kanye West, Bobby Valentino and Lil’ Wayne for a guest appearance.


a mouth flowing as fast as a category F5 tornado, is there anything out there

to slow him down? Without a mention of Luther Vandross, Twista describes to Alternatives his top five songs that automatically mellow his

energy down to a category F1.1.

“Stir It Up” – Bob Marley


Bob Marley singing to a woman, but it’s basically a slow down, real [feel] of

the reggae music – the way Bob Marley does his music – and then the

hook itself is the way it sounds. It’s a real mellow song. Most of the songs on

the Legend

CD in particular are like that. So, I just like that it mellows me out.


“Getting Grown” – Cee-Lo GreenGetting Grown - Cee Lo


is from] Cee-Lo Greene’s Closet Freak CD. It’s about a boy becoming a young man. Just

doing a lot of wild things when you’re younger and just how he sees his self

getting grown. It makes me feel elevated. It makes me feel like I’m more

experienced than what I’m doing and how I’m taking care of my business as a

whole. Just being better and looking at through a more adult eye and just the

way the music sounds. That’s one of the first things I play when I get up in

the morning or when I’m getting dressed for a show. That’s what I always play.


“Adore” – Prince Adore - Prince


[snaps fingers to the thought of the song] That’s that thang right there, boy!

That’s that thing that I put on when I just want to get into that groove

because I’m a big Prince fan. I liked “Purple Rain” when that movie came out.

That was a heavy movie when I was coming up. That’s just that song when I want

to hear that vibe or Prince singing that type of tone. Some people might go to

a D’Angelo record, which is cool also, but I go to a Prince record and I bust

that song out, or I bust it out in a room too with a female when I’m ready to

break that mood. Like “BAM!” bust it out when Prince go “Oooooh!” Man, it’s on

and poppin’!


“A Long Time Coming” – Sam CookeA Change Is Gonna Come - Sam Cooke


my jam right there. For one, it used to be my intro, still is sometimes, for

when I start out my shows. For one, it just sounds real good. When you hear

that song come on it just sounds real good for you and just what he’s talking

about. It’s been a long time coming. Every time I listen to it, I think about

all of the things that I went through and the trials and tribulations that we

went through to get to this point in the music game, us as people when it comes

to Black people, it’s just been a long time coming. [It] says so much,

especially [for] a Black person or a person who been through a lot of stuff.

That always charges me up. It’s like an intro for a boxing match.


“Between The Sheets” – Isley Brothers


song] mellows me out. It makes me want to get into that stepping vibe. It makes

me want to get my freak on, too. It make me feel nasty, it makes me feel like I

want to slow dance, it makes me feel all that.

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