Yung Berg: Yung Boss Or Die Vol 1 (Mixtape)

Coming off the success of hit single "Sexy Can I," Yung Berg is out to prove he's not just another Top-40 popstar who will just fade away come the next summer anthem. His latest mixtape Yung Boss or Die Vol. 1 teams Berg up with the likes of Lil Wayne, Cap One, Sean Kingston, Twista, Fabolous and, of course, his hit maker buddy Ray J. With a roster like that it's no wonder Yung Berg and DJ Green Lantern put together a surprisingly decent mixtape.

With tight rhymes and heavy beats, Yung Berg reps Chi-town proud and it looks like Lil Wayne is ready to take Berg under his wing and straight to the top. "Getting To That Money" has Wayne and Berg in a spit-off and in the end; they're both winners.

Berg's got what it takes to make it and he's ready to fight off all the critics who criticize Berg just a ladies’ rapper. And he defends his Rap honor hitting gold with "First Time" featuring Fabolous, "I know you see it like J.O.C. / Hundred thou worth of bling no J.O.B / About change to up the game like H.O.V."

Berg's out to be taken serious on this mixtape, but he's also about making some fun beat-heavy music. DJ Green Lantern syncs a perfect beat with Berg's quick-lip rhymes on "Nobody" featuring Casha. He's sitting pretty on top of the world as Berg boasts, "You and your crew / Me and my crew / Got everything you got in the booth times two." He also hooks up with Ray J again, proving if it works once, you're sure to have good results again. On "Exotic Pt. 2" Berg collaborates with Ray J on another R&B sexymphony.

Yung Berg might have played it a little safe with some tracks on Yung Boss Or Die Vol. 1, but he's got some surprising skills on the verbiage side that one wouldn't expect. At the very least, he's got some dope collaborations which adds weight to this newcomer's resume.

Yung Berg Featuring Lil Wayne

"Getting To That Money"

Yung Berg Featuring Fabolous

"First Time"