Zimbabwe Legit: House Of Stone

Whenever regarding music, a time machine effect can result in funny consequences. It can produce sonic euphoria and on the other end of the spectrum, create a sound that feels esoteric and obscure. Zimbabwe Tribe, has a mixture of both in their latest release “House of Stone (pH MUSIC/Pro Se Recording). The album can have Hip-Hopper reminisce about the “Golden” sound of the early 90’s, as well as make you wonder how has the group evolved. Thankfully, the former outweighs the latter, creating an experience that can grab your attention, even if you find it drifting at times.The vintage boom bap feel is created by certain standouts, such as “Where I’m At,” featuring Mike G of the Jungle Brothers. which with the smooth bebop-esque beat and the back and forth of the first verse is enough to bop your head and chill. “Evil That Men Do" includes Cannibal OX's Vast Aire and Chubb Rock and creates a smooth ambience with its saxophone laced production and Stic.man delivering a verse that seems to mesh with the track well. “Gotta Do” also fares pretty well, as the rhymes and production flow well together in head nodding syncopation. "All Over The Map" (with Maggz, Kenny Majozi, & Ziggy Lah of X Plastaz) has the ability to become an upbeat anthem, as the energy of the rhyme and the beat feel great, mixed with conscious lyrics.The esoteric , dated sounds come in as well, as “Still Trapped “ featuring Asheru and the Poem-cees just doesn’t work because outside of Asheru’s verse, the song falls apart. "No Mercy Remix," even as a bonus track, just feels like it should have been left off the album, it lacks energy and it feels like faux empathy is given.At House of Stone's best, the jazzy sounds and old school feel can make you fiend for the best of your high top fade/African pendant collection with it’s rhymes laced with empowerment and history. At its worst, it can make you feel like you need some new blood in your CD player. Even so, it is worth a listen, especially to those who fiend for a break from the monotony.SOUNDCHECK:Zimbabwe Legit f/ Vast Aire & Chubb Rock "Wake 'Em Up" Zimbabwe Legit f/ Mike G "Where I'm At"