Official 2017-2018 NBA Thread

NBA THREAD....................

NBA Thread for the new IC.

No more posting snaps, videos, or tweets....seems like a conspiracy to get our highlights from somewhere else....

Damn 😔

See^^^ you cAn post tweets @pimped_out_red


My thing is why did they do it tho

LOL who's platano power?

Portis and Mirtoc has been a decent 1-2 punch.

@StoneColdMikey I see what you did there

im confused on this layout

Yea smh, we trying the best we can with the circumstances we were given

I can see the old ic but it won't let me log in. This new format hurts my eyes

Cause it's over. It died tonight

So why can iI still see it? And i see a few new post still but i can't log in.

Finally i can say LETS GO HORNETS!!! without LOL reactions...maven is a safe place

Yo WTF is this BS layout. C'mon man.

Um ok this is quite difficult


Boo fucking hoo @x the unknown

Woo Heat are 24-17 and there's no on here to talk about that with lol