Official College Football Thread

We talking college football here...road to the playoffs

USC looks small and weak

Why don't y'all rollback this upgrade. It's a fail so far.

Lol maybe it gets better. Maybe it doesn't.

Roll Damn Tide

Terrible loss. Fuck Rosier

Miami just lost to the slowest, whitest team i've seen since I watched a college football doc on the 1945 Army vs ND game.

Wisconsin has athletes so idk what you talking about. They just outexecuted and outcoached the Canes.

Rose Bowl was damn near iconic. Sugar Bowl was coo. Bama and Jawja finna go ahead and play for the winner of the SEC Cham- I mean, National Championship tho 😎

Lol hope Georgia wins.

Dawgs bout to eat

Today's the day...hoping we get #17 today. ROLL TIDE ROLL 🐘🐘🐘


Winners win. Roll Tide!! 🐘🏆

Gotta tip the cap to Bama. Scust...

Roll Tide