The real reason Anthony Joshua isn't fighting Deontay Wilder this Fall

78sportstv says the real reason the fight isn't happening is that the Joshua always wanted Povetkin first

Whoa. I think I got played a folks. In this clip 78sportstv (one who would know) gives the real story on how shady AJ and the Hearns negotiated the dream fight we've all been waiting for. Right off the bat Wilder wanted a 50/50 fight and after settling in on what that would look like in money they offered him $50 million. Wilder was almost ok with that figure but before they could agree on the rematch strategy team Joshua dropped their offer to $15 million ($35 friggin million less!) and said that even if Joshua loses he gets a automatic rematch with him still being the A on the card and Wilder still billed as B despite having won. Wilder was like, nah, I'll pass, but according the 78sportstv the Hearns knew he was going to say no, they knew they were going to be made to fight Povetkin and they knew they could make it all look like it was Wilder's fault by being so clever with their social media.

We can stop for a minute and agree that Eddie Hearn is brilliant at getting his word out directly to the public through his own twitter and youtube accounts without the filter of any fact checkers or counter arguments. It almost worked this time (it had me going) but Wilder isn't the rube they thought he was and knows a thing or two about social media too. You really should listen to the whole thing because he goes on to talk about Breazeale ("He's a liar!") and Tyson Fury ("He don't want it yet") and the challenge for finding that next matchup.

Also checkout this interview Below the Belt did to hear about it in Deontay's own words.