I thought the Wilder fight was all but made? SMH

Yeah, me too. Both sides were pointing fingers but based on today's news (read below) Wilder didn't like the money or the venue. It's actually pretty smart of camp Wilder to refuse because they've forced Joshua into a fight he didn't want against a very scary Povetkin while also proving his point that if these two power houses our going to have a showdown to unify 4 major heavyweight belts both guys are going to have to be paid like they're already champions. I say it's pretty smart with the benefit of hindsight because according to today's news it worked.

So Wilder just set Joshua up to get pounded by Povetkin and then have to turn around and fight Wilder. If you listen to Barry Hearn it sounds like they're setting him up. $15 Million and Wembley sounds like respect to me. That's like an old school booking. According to this he turned down 20 million though so I'm not sure what he wants other than to maybe fight in New York.

For me that just leaves who Wilder should fight in the next months. I don't think he should be able to sit on his belts either so hopefully the governing bodies will make a similar demand and we can see him fight 50's buddy. Or better yet....