Byron Crawford is the greatest

Pimp C was murdered by the Illuminati in 2007, before political correctness was nearly as widespread as it is today. Today, it's understood that you're not allowed to call a transgender women a guy just because she was born male and probably hasn't parted ways with her unit (which should be a requirement for anyone who wants to be called a woman).

So why is it, then, that we're allowed to criticize Usher for knowingly spreading a disease, when, for all we know, he might not believe that he even has a disease? Maybe Usher is trans-healthy. Who are we to say that Usher has herpes just because he occasionally has a rash on his peen? Who among us can claim to have a perfectly normal-looking peen? Does such a thing even exist? Mine is significantly larger than it should be. I'm not sure what's going on with it.

As many a politically correct blowhard pointed out on Twitter the other day, herpes is a very common disease. I googled it just now, and apparently one in six people have it. And once you adjust for the kind of girls that a guy who doesn't have as much to offer society can reasonably expect to have sex with, i.e. mostly sex workers, that number probably jumps up to six in six.