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The Official Investing and General Business Thread

Learn about how to invest and what's happening in the business world !

This is the official how to invest in stocks and general business thread. In this thread we will constantly update it with great tips on how to invest, what's happening and other resources. If you have any questions please feel free to ask or just share news on what's happening in the business world !!!

Good time to buy shares of Walgreens (WBA)!!

This shit has 0 structure...props to Sion for still trying

SOOO glad I sold all of my shares of GE, after they cut their dividend. Stock's currently trading for $16 something, SMMFH

Anybody lookin to load up on Dow components, the Dow itself is currently down 400

If you're looking for dividend - producing companies, now's the perfect time to cop shares of both Southern Company (SO), and/or Realty Income (O), both of which are currently at or near their 52 week lows.