I dont understant this.. I feel like the graphis take away from the conversation. I hope this is not a death sentence for the ic.

I gotta be honest, removing the forum look is a massive gamble with something that means a lot to a lot of people. I can't see this working. We're not Facebook. We're a forum of posters who enjoy the journey through a thread to 'catch up'. We're not interested in 'loading comments' - that should be there already. The linear layout and chronological order that's simple to follow gives us the benefit of not missing posts: as it stands, I need to be able to focus on three columns as I scroll - I can't do that - no one can! I'm not into this for the visual learning either - I don't want to jump into a thread just because graphics caught my eye - I want to know every thread title and post. Vanilla had its issues, sure, but it was a big step up on the platform before: completely wiped away spam etc. that we used to spend hours removing. This one seems like a jump into the future, but forgetting what made us great in the first place. I understand that the content is great because you can be rapidly developing and showing off the content we create, but is there any other benefit to this structure? Is there a developed website/forum out there that we can look at to see how this works?



agreed there's too much going on